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At PRC®, our core focus is the health, well-being and safety of the professionals we serve.  With this focal point in mind, our overriding goal is to foster and promote public safety by working with our clients to develop skills that improve both personal functioning and professional competency.

PRC®‘s goal is to promote personal health through research, education, and services.  Please click on the corresponding button below to learn more about PRC’s vision for personal mental health and well being.


Services:  PRC® continues to offer individualized evaluation and treatment programs.  These programs are tailored for our clients’ individual needs and the needs of the referral source.  To learn more about our programs, please click on our Services button.






Education:  PRC® is proud to be affiliated with Wales Behavioral Assessment in order to offer three CME activities for Healthcare Professionals.  For more information on our activities and other education opportunities, please click on the education button.





Research:  We try to stay abreast of the rapid changes in our fields. This can be challenging in the context of clinical demands and the volume of new information. We are trying to make our research and those of others in the areas of professionalism, problematic workplace behaviors (disruptive behavior), team behaviors, burnout, 360 surveys, aging physicians, CME efficacy more easily accessible.  This link features summaries of new relevant articles, PRC®‘s own research interest, as well as PRC® news.  Please click the button for more information!


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